Technology for Applications of Mathematics In Real Life

Several speakers at various ATCM occasions have shown that technological tools not only can lead learners to deeper understandings on abstract and complex concepts of mathematics, but also encourage learners to discover more mathematical applications in real life.

This statement was made by Prof. YANG Wei-Chi from Radford University, USA., Time of exposure at the 19th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics (ATCM) in the Faculty UNY. This event is a collaboration of the ATCM, the International Seminar on Innovation in Mathematics and Mathematics Education (ISIM-MED) UNY, SEAMEO Qitep in Mathematics (ISMEI), and SeNdiMat PPPPTK Mathematics, held on 26 to 30 November 2014. Other speakers include Prof. Ang Keng Cheng (Singapore), Prof. Masami Isoda (Japan), colete Laborde (France), etc.

Further, he said, Indeed, with current technological tools, a mathematical problem or a project can be explored with the help of a computer algebra system (CAS), a dynamic geometry system (DGS) or combinations of both. We have discovered that new concepts or knowledge can be acquired by exploring mathematics with rapidly evolving technological tools.

Many educators and researchers believe that creativity does not come from rote or repetitive learning but from exploration and play. Those open-ended or out of textbook real-life problems are excellent resources for students to develop their creative thinking skills. We often see mathematics curriculum (in most part of the world) is geared toward exam-based. Too much emphasis on testing alone when measuring a student.s understanding in mathematics will hinder students interests in mathematics and their abilities for innovation.

Meanwhile, Prof. Dr Widodo of Mathematics PPPPTK Yogyakarta explained that Quality of mathematics teachers in indonesia based on Teacher Competency Test (TCT) or UKG (uji kompetensi guru) 2012-2014, based on NUPTK (unique identification number for teacher) data, the total numbers of Indonesian Mathematics Teacher in Junior High School, Senior High School, Vocational High School is 112.965, with details SHS (25.311), VHS (19.121), JHS (68.533).

Technology for Applications of Mathematics In Real Life Based on this standard, we may judge the quality of a mathematics teacher. Mathematics teacher who acquires and implements more of the four indicators of mathematics teacher standard is considered as a more qualified teacher.

Ministry of Education and Cullture of Indonesia has done Teacher Competency Test (TCT) or in Indonesia called UKG (Uji Kompetensi Guru) 2012-2014. There were 52.178 mathematics teachers attended TCT in 2012, 18.056 mathematics teachers attended in 2013, and 6.647 mathematics teachers attended in 2014. All together there were 76.881mathematics teachers attended TCT during the years 2012-2014.

In TCT for mathematics teacher, we only measure Professional competence and Pedagogical competence consists of 100 items of mutiple choice problems. We do not measure Personal competence and Social competence.TCT has done by online and semi-online in 273 districts (Kabupaten/ Kota). (witono)


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