The Biology Study Program Students Observed Grey Monkeys at West Bali National Park

The grey monkey behavior observation was conducted by Biology Study Program students at West Bali National Park (WBNP). They are Fitriana, Siti Ismawati, and Nanik Ismiyani under the supervision of dr. Tutiek Rahayu, M.Kes., Tri Atmanto, M.Si., and Paramita C.K., M.Sc. The observation, which was around sapodilla trees, ranged from 08.20 – 1.00 a.m.   

According to climatic factor measurement, it is found that the condition of grey monkey habitat consists of temperature 370 C, humidity 66 %, and light intencuty 7700 lux. Five things observed were eating activity, food and drink hunting, child nurturing, and monkey at rest.     

The monkeys start to search for food by going around their area. If they see their food, they will quickly open and close their mouth as well as approach and touch it. Before taking the food to their mouth, they will smell it in advance. According to the local people, their food hunting activity starts from 04.00 up to 09.00 a.m. The monkeys search for drink by approaching water resources (there is a pond in WBNP) and sit around the edge of it. They will take the water by their hands and drink it then. While hunting for food, the monkeys nurture their children. They will walk side by side when hunting for food. Also, their children will be carried by the mother when they are still infants.        

“When the monkeys are at rest, they will find a shade place under the trees. While scratching their body, the other monkeys will search for lice consecutively,” Said Fitiriana. In WBNP, they sometimes hunt for food from the tourists visiting this place.


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