Physics Study Program


Physics Education Department of Yogyakarta State University

  1. Vision and Mission of Physics Education Department
  1. Vision

The Physics Education Department of Yogyakarta State University aspires to be able to produce faithful, self-determining and intellectual educators, researchers, and educational staff.

  1. Mission

The mission of the Department are:

  1. To conduct education, perform physics research, and carry out society service in the field of physics education; in order to create institution that is able to provide high quality and competitive physics education experts in the globalization era.
  2. To perform educational system which is able to produce independent, creative and innovative graduates on physics education field.
  3. To create academic culture in promoting scientific attitudes, discipline, integrity, open-mindedness, and nobleness.
  4. To establish mutual cooperation/ partnership with other institutions, within the country and abroad, in order to support the development of physics eduation field.
  5.  To construct civitas academica in creating faithful, independent, intellectual community that has patriotism for the nation and country.


  1. Graduates Profile

The graduates of the of Physics Education Department of Yogyakarta State University, according to the 6th Level of KKNI and characting excellence,  possess the competence to be:

  1. Educator in Physics
  2. Researcher in Physics Education field
  3. Administrator in Physics Educational Program


  1. Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes of the of Physics Education Department of Yogyakarta State University which are derived from the predetermined profile and refer to the Regulation of the Minister of Education and Culture concerning to KKNI and referring to National of Higher Education:


C.1. Attitude

1.1. Being faithful to God and able to perform religious demeanor

1.2. Holding high the humanity values in performing any work/ effort based on religious values, morals, and ethics




International Activities


To pursue UNY’s big dream to be a world class university and to be an excellent university in South-East Asia, UNY’s Department of Physics Education has already conducted international activites such as Sit-In program, Guest Lecture, Credit Transfer, and Joint Research with South-East Asia universities like Malaysia and Thailand.

                Sit-In program was conducted by sending students to overseas universities to attend  lecture, and at the same time, UNY’s Department of Physics Education accepted overseas students who take the same program. In 2013, 2015 and 2016, Department of Physics Education sent 20, 16 and 21 students respectively, to UPM (University Putra Malaysia) for Sit-In program. Each year, a lecturer accompanies these students, and at the same time, the lecturer also gives guest lecture for the university in which the students doing their sit-in program.


Figure: UPM students doing Sit-In program in Digital System class

Figure: UPM students were watching Digital system simulation


Guest lecture program was established by inviting overseas lecturer to give lectures at UNY’s Department of Physics Education. They can be general lectures for students and department’s staff, or regular classes for one semester. In 2013, Garry Briant, Ph.D from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology gave lecture about material physics. In 2014, Prof. Dr. Dean Zollman from Kansas State University U.S.A. stayed for a week in UNY and gave lectures on physics education. In 2015, Suzane W. Brahmia, Ph.D. from Rutgers University New Jersey U.S.A. gave general lecture on physics education for the staff. In April 2016, Dr. Yap Wing Fen from Department of Physics Faculty of Science UPM gave general lecture for UNY’s students and UPM’s students taking sit in program in UNY on surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy: preliminary studies and potential application. In 2016, for one semester, Associate Prof. Allen Coleman Price, Ph.D. from Emmanuel College Boston U.S.A. gave full semester lectures for Modern Physics course, Basic Physics II course and Basic Physics II Labwork in UNY’s Department of Physics Education.

Credit transfer program was conducted by sending students to overseas universities to take courses and pass the courses, and the same with overseas students, they can take courses in UNY’s Department of Physics. 5 students from Yala Rajabat University Thailand had taken thermodynamics course, colloidal physics course, wave physics course and several other physics courses and passed the courses. The same program was also taken by UNY’s Department of Physics Education students in Yala Rajabat University. 

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