Vision of The Study Program.

In 2025, Natural Science Study Program would be the Pioneer and Eminent Study Program in national, regional, and international level; which produces the professional, devoted, intelligent and independent Natural Science Education Scholars.

Mission of The Study Program

a. To prepare the excellent, outstanding, creative, superior, professional, dan having global competitiveness prospective educators and Natural

    Science educators.

b. To improve the research on the innovative and current Natural Science as the base of educational process and dedication to the society;

c. To hold the social service in the society which is based on the result of Natural Science research;

d. To hold the internationalization of Natural Science education by strethening the network and partnership in national, regional, and

    international level.

e. To empower the whole available resources by using the information, communication, and  technology engineering. 



The scholars’ profile of Natural Science education S1 Study Program of the Mathematics and Natural Science Faculty is being the Natural and Science educators or teachers in SMP/MTs, researcher’s assistants on Natural Science and its education, and innovation developer on Natural Science learning.


The Competency Standards are stated as the learning achievements which include:

Attitude and Value

1.   Being obedient to God Almighty and able to demonstrate religious attitude;

2.   Being pious to The God Almighty and able to show the religious attitudes.

3.   Upholding the human values in doing the duty according to the religion, morals and ethics.

4.   Contributing in improving the quality of living in the society, nation, state and the progress towards civilization based on Pancasila.

5.   Taking part as the citizens who love and are proud of the motherland, having nationalism and responsibility to the state and nation.

6.   Appreciating the cultural diversity, viewpoint, religion, and belief; and also the others’ original opinion and finding.

7.   Cooperating and having social sensitivity, also awareness of the society and environment.

8.   Being obedient in law and orderly in living within the society and state.

9.   Internalizing the academic value, norm, and ethics;

10. Independently showing the responsibility to the work upon the areas of expertise.

11. Internalizing the spirit of independence, struggle, and enterpreneurship.


Mastering The Knowledge

1. Mastering the fact, concept, principle, law, theory, and procedure in Natural Science.

2. Mastering the theory of learning, the students’ characteristics, strategy, planning and evaluation of integrated science teaching.

3. Mastering the theoritical concept of problem solving on Natural Science education in procedure, through the scientific approaches.



1. General skills

  1. Being able to apply the logical, critical, systematic, and innovative thinking within the context of improvement or implementing the science and technology which aware of and apply the humanity values which is appropiate to their expertise.
  2. Being able to show an independent, qualified, and measured work;
  3. Being able to examine the implications for development or implementation of science technology which aware of and apply the humanity values that are appropiate to the expertise based on the rules, procedures, and scientific ethics to produce the solution, suggestion, design or art criticism, to arrange the scientific description of the research findings in a form of thesis or final report, and publish it on the university’s website.
  4. Arranging the scientific description of those research findings in a form of thesis or final report, and publish it on the university’s website.
  5. Being able to appropiately make a decision within the context of problem solving in their expertise, base on the analysis reports on the information and data;
  6. Being able to maintain and improve the working network with the adviser, colleague, peer, both inside and outside the institute
  7. Being able to take a responsibility to the group working achievement and doing a supervision and evaluation on the working accomplishment which is obliged to the worker under the duty.
  8. Being able to have a self-evaluation in the working group under the duty, and being able to independently manage the learning process
  9. Being able to document, record, keep, and find the data to guarantee the validity and to avoid plagiarism
  10. Being able to make a strategic decision according to information and data analysis on the scope of Natural Science and Natural Science education, giving a suggestion to the peer and informing it to public based on conditions applied.
  11. Being able to conduct a research which could be used to give various alternatives in solving the problem on the scope of Natural Science education. 
  12. Being responsible to their own work and being able to be given a duty for the organizational working achievement in the scope of Natural Science and Natural Science education; and the organizational working achievement reports.


2. Specific skills

  1. Being able to plan, conduct, and evaluate Natural Science learning process which is oriented on standard process.
  2. Beinga able to use the reference and Natural Science learning media which is based on the Science and Technology to support the Natural Science learning process in conducting the curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricural activities.
  3. Being able to plan and manage the resources in conducting the class, laboratory, school, and Education Institutes under the duty, and to comprehensively evaluate those activities.


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