Chemistry Study Program


In 2025 attained undergraduate chemistry program (S1) that is based on quality, tough, and superior in learning development, research, and application of chemistry in a sustainable manner to deliver globally competitive Bachelor of Chemistry who have taqwa character, independent, and educated.



The mission of Chemistry Program Mathematics and Sciences Faculty Yogyakarta State University is implementing the Tri Dharma of Higher Education and other relevant activities include:

  1. Education and teaching that can deliver graduates who are virtuous, have a professional academic ability in chemistry, superior, independent, and strong competitiveness in the global life and civilization.
  2. Chemical Research that supports the development of chemical science and technology that are useful for the improvement of the dignity of human life and national development.
  3. Dedication to the society through the efforts of dissemination and application of research results development of chemical science also participate in realizing a scientific society, democratic, independent to support national development.
  4. Cooperation with the institutions both from within and outside the country to support conducting of teaching-learning activities , research and development of chemical science.
  5. Fostering the “Civitas Academica” of Yogyakarta State University to the realization of the the campus community to have taqwa character, self-support, and intellectual, and to show a love to the nation , state, and home-country.




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